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Learning to play an instrument requires time, money and perseverance. If one or more of these requirements are missing, a good idea could be to start the learning process in a smartphone app. This creates a fun approach to music. The Piano Master is precisely an app that has this idea as its pillar. With it, you can learn some aspects of how to play the piano. We invite you to continue reading our review today if this idea of ??learning how to play piano captivates you.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.2.2Root: NoMods: None

The Piano Master starts with a menu in which the following options are visible:

  • Start the game: clicking on this button will take you to the song selection screen.
  • Settings: playback effects options screen
  • Download: Link to similar apps by same developer and to extra song list

On the song selection screen, a selection of classical music tracks by Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin and other composers is available. The songs are divided by duration and level of difficulty, ie beginners, learners and experts.

  • Beginner: The songs will be played slowly and stopped when you click the button too late. Clicking the button again, the music resumes its playback.
  • Apprentice: Here the songs are played at standard speed, but playback stops when a note is played incorrectly.
  • Expert: The songs will not be interrupted in any situation, not even in case of errors, that is, we are talking about playing the track as it really is.

With this mode, it is still possible to simply listen to the music track or to regulate its speed, notes duration, transposition or other elements.

At the bottom of the screen, a keyboard is displayed and over which the song notes fall in the form of blocks of varying lengths according to their duration. The player gets points by clicking on the keyboard at the exact moment. It is also possible to compare the score for each difficulty level of the songs.


With its 30 songs, among which the user can enjoy and choose one of them, the Piano Master offers the user the possibility of sedimenting his knowledge on different subjects and notes in different difficulty levels. Gambling is a great pastime. In fact, more than a true way to learn to play the piano. The fact is that the app is quite original and very well suited to those who are interested in and not music.

Screen & Controls

The Piano Master differs from a normal keyboard above all in that it conforms to the screen, which always needs the left and right scrolling function to display notes that are one octave higher than those displayed. A little problem that can happen the inaccurate sound generated by the reduced size of the keys on the smartphone. On a tablet, the view improves dramatically. The app leaves a bit to be desired by bringing inaccurate translations into other languages, meaning it would have been better if the developers had kept everything in English only.

Speed ??& Stability

The Piano Master leaves nothing to be desired when the subject stability. Unless noted, the functions respond precisely and punctually.

Price / Performance Ratio

Piano Master can be purchased on Google Play for 2.37 or $ 6.12. During this week, however, he, being our App of the Week (18.3.2013 24.3.13), he costs here in our App Center only 1.19 or R $ 3.07. For those who want to know a little more about the app, there is a trial version that contains 10 songs.

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