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LibreOffice will release your official beginner's guide, download now!

The LibreOffice Beginner's Guide has been updated in content to suit new versions of its Office.

Who is coming to the world now Linux probably come across the LibreOffice as an office suite, most likely because it comes pre-installed with multiple distributions. LibreOffice is maintained by The Document Foundation and brings the tools Writer (Text editor); Calc (Spreadsheet Editor) and the Impress (Slide Editor), among others, all free and open source.

LibreOffice release your official beginner's guide, download now!

To make life easier for these newcomers, a Beginner's Guide (Started Guide) so that they can become better acquainted with the game and breaking some barriers, facilitating people's daily lives and even breaking some prejudices regarding the tool.

This guide was out of date, referenced things from verse 5 of LibreOffice, which could confuse and even undermine the work of new users.

With that in mind, this guide's update to version 6.1 of LibreOffice, which currently has the Start Guide and Writer in English but soon to be available for en, thanks to the support of the lusfona community.

To download this first version of the guide just access this link. Version en still refers to version 5.2 of LibreOffice.

This is very good as it comes to make it easy for those coming to the Linux world and needs that little one to use the LibreOffice.

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I hope you enjoyed the tip.

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