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Cover adds microSD card and battery to Galaxy S6 / Edge

With the duo's release Galaxy S6 / Edge, Samsung has abolished the entry for microSD cards, which has generated many complaints from users. For those who do not open hand removable memory, Incipio created the offGRID Battery Case that solves this problem, besides bringing some good extra mAh to the smartphone.

incipio third
A bit big. / Incipio

The offGRID Battery Case compatible with the S6 and S6 Edge features a microSD card slot via USB OTG and a thin battery with 3700 mAh which promises to double the smartphone's lifetime. Samsung Quick Charge 2.0 and Fast Charging compatible case, but not charging wireless.

incipio second
In parts. / Incipio

The case accepts cards up to 128GB, but as the USB OTG connection, it is not possible to charge the external battery and use the microSD card at the same time. There is even a small key to "turn on" the memory card. The measurements are 156 x 76 x 15 mm, ie it is not very large, but almost doubles the thickness of the phone.

It costs $ 90 on Incipio's website, and is made in two colors: champagne and white. Unfortunately, I was unable to simulate a purchase for shipping and delivery information in Brazil.

Is Incipio's solution good or is an already sufficient microSD adapter?

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