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15 programs to watch movies and series online

Over the years, TV has been giving more and more space to streaming apps. Something that greatly improved the quality of life of those who did not like to depend on certain hours or even unavailable channels. Nowadays, it's hard enough to find someone who doesn't use apps to watch movies and series online, after all, options abound.

Still, it can be quite complicated to choose which software to use in these situations. Since many of the online apps offer paid services, this is a decision to be well thought of before anything else. To help you out, we've made a list of the best suggestions for online movie and show apps. Check it out below!

1. Netflix

watch movies and netflix series

To start with our list, there is no way to stop mentioning Netflix. The world's largest streaming network is also one of the best for watching movies and series online.

They not only have a great and well-known catalog of films and series, but also produce their own programs and feature films. The subscription is not very expensive and they have cheaper plans for those who prefer.

Another advantage you can enjoy Netflix on any device, be it on mobile, tablet, PC, TV or even your video game console. In addition, you can watch some series and movies offline on Netflix. You can check more through the link.

Also check out this and this article on our website where we recommend various Netflix series and documentaries.

2. Crackle

Crackle is a service a little like Netflix. They have a previously existing content library and other very interesting original productions.

Its biggest advantage that it can be used totally free. Of course you end up having to watch advertisements in the middle of the movies and series you are watching, but it may be worth it.

Of course the paid version may be better and more advantageous, but great to have this other option. You can download the app via the link.

3. Globosat Play

For those who still enjoy the shows that air on TV daily, there are also apps like Globosat Play. This service has the content of Globosat network channels, which includes GNT, Viva, Multishow and SportTV, for example.

Really a great option for those who don't want or can't get stuck on the TV time grid. Other than that, you can simply review the content whenever you want. You can check the app through the link.

4. Telecine

Telecine Play works just like Globosat's app, just like Telecine network channels. In this case, the perfect free app for watching movies, as the channels have a huge catalog of feature films.

In general, movies have audio and subtitle options and can be viewed in HD. The interface is super intuitive and even provides additional information about each available title. Click here to download the app.

5. HBO Go

apps to watch movies and series hbo go

After a long time being promised here in Brazil, the HBO Go service was finally made available in our country at the end of 2017. This means that you can now enjoy the entire content of the broadcaster without needing a cable TV subscription.

Of course the service is still paid, but you can still have 30 free trial days to decide if you really want to pay the 30 reais they charge. You can check out more about HBO Go at this link.

6. Crunchyroll

For those who like Japanese anime and drama, there's no better app than Crunchyroll! You can use the free version and see some ads occasionally or pay a mere $ 3 a month to see what you want when you want.

Not to be aware of the success of the app, it is also known as Netflix of the Japanese series, being considered one of the best apps for watching anime. Click here to check out the app.

7. Youtube

Although it seems a bit unlikely, YouTube also has channels with several movies and series and you can watch it for free. Most are older, but nonetheless interesting. If you want to know which series are available there, take a look at this very cool article that summarizes the series from the past decade that you can watch there. Also, check out our guide on how to download videos from YouTube so you can watch offline.

Of course if you prefer, YouTube is now starting to produce its own series, which can be purchased by any user. You can access YouTube at this link. An interesting aspect is that you can also stream YouTube videos from Android to your TV and have an even better experience.

8. Google Play Movies

On Google Play Movies You can buy or rent movies and shows directly through the Google Play store. Take the opportunity to improve the quality of videos purchased through the platform and use Bluetooth speakers on your smartphone.

The good thing is that there are always good deals and games being offered completely free of charge from time to time. Click here to check out the app.

9. Voodoo

Voodoo lets you buy, rent or watch movies for free on Android. It is a very diverse app and has a huge library with the most famous titles. With the app, you can watch videos online or download them to watch offline.

No need to pay a monthly fee or anything, just download the application for free and check the available options for each movie you want to watch. Access the store through the link!

10. Amazon Video

watch amazon movies and series

Amazon Video is relatively new compared to the other apps for watching movies and shows on this list, but it already has a great catalog of movies and shows that aren't available on other services. A nice differentiator is that you can also create your own playlists of movies and series.

You can try Amazon Video for about 30 days before deciding if you want to subscribe. The best she is one of the cheapest today. Click here to check out more about it.

Another option is to subscribe to Amazon Prime. With it you gain access to Amazon Video but also free shipping on all your company orders. It costs a little more than Prime Video (19.90 versus 90.90 per month) but you get more benefits.

11. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is so well known to Android users who want to watch movies and series online on their smartphone. The service has a very large and diverse catalog, and new titles are often added.

The cool thing is that everything is available for free and in Full HD. Considering that some paid services only offer HD content on the cheapest plans, this is a good advantage of Tubi TV. Check out more through the link.

12. PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is ??a very interesting and promising streaming service. She belongs to a movie producer known as Screen Media Ventures, which makes her movie catalog available for free through the service.

This turns out to be a really cool way to meet different movies than what we see in other services of this type. It is worth mentioning that in support still for Portuguese subtitles in most movies. Anyway, you can check more through the link.

13. Looke

Just as Netflix used to be, Looke works like an online movie store. Currently, they allow you to rent loose movies for individual prices or pay a subscription to watch them anytime you want.

Of course the signature format closely resembles that of other streaming services. Still, it is very interesting to have the option of individual rental.

There are options from $ 16.90 to $ 25.90 depending on the type of subscription you want. Already individual movie rentals depend a lot on recent, old movies and when you want to keep them available. You can check out more about Looke through the link.

14. NET Now

NET Now is basically the official NET app for those who have a subscription plan on their pay TV packages. With this app you can access movies, series and channel shows that are part of your package.

Still, the most interesting part is that you can rent movies too. The advantage is that recent movies from the cinema are now immediately available on NET Now for rent. Check out more through the link.

15. JustWatch

justwatch watch online

Finally, we have JustWatch to recommend you. It not only has a lot of content for those who want to watch movies and series, but also features options from popular TV channels.

This way you can choose whether to just watch a movie or the content you can't watch on time on television, for example. It is very simple to use and you can download it from the link.

Like apps for watching movies and series online?

Could you take our suggestions to find a good app for watching movies and series online? So be sure to leave your comment telling us what you think and if there are other options you would like to see here.