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The best Android apps and games of the week

Google Play receives new apps and games every day from developers around the world. With so many options, you may find it hard to know what to download and leave installed on your Android.

To help you, the Digital Look just made a list of the top and best news that came into Google Play. The following selection has 6 options between applications and games. Check out:

The best Android apps

The program selection for this week brings an interesting update to a social network and new applications that can be useful for your day to day. Look:

Gcamator – Free

Google implements the Google Camera app on its phones, which is known for good post processing and many features. If you have a phone without the program and want to improve your images, be sure to access this Digital Look guide on how to use Gcamator to install Google Camera on your phone.


Instagram – Free

One of the most popular social networks of the moment caused a lot of controversy this year by starting to hide the number of likes in your posts. In the last update, Instagram has not received any new features, but it is slowly re-displaying these numbers to those who do not live without them.

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Alarm Clock Alarmy – Free

Always waking up early or having to change your schedule is not always easy or exciting. To give you a little incentive and make you not waste time, Alarmy brings some missions to complete until you stop playing, such as having to go to a specific time.

The best games for Android

This week's list of games brings interesting options for those who enjoy racing, role-playing and even mysteries to be unraveled. Check out:

Might & Magic Heroes: Era of Chaos – Free

Ubisoft's classic role-playing game won another title for its franchise, this time for mobile phones. As with the older games in the series, you have a long campaign here and many mythical heroes to unlock.

Nox Escape Games – Free

If you're looking for a puzzle game with a good story, you may find it here. Being in a tame, you need to solve various puzzles and mysteries that come your way to unravel the whole story of the game.

GRID Autosport – Paid

The GRID game was very successful on computers and video games because of its different gameplay, which mixes simulation and arcade elements. On mobile, you can enjoy it with over 100 cars and 100 different circuits at your disposal.

Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery – Free

The animators of Five Nights at Freddy are back once again to terrorize people, but now they count on the aid of frightened augmented reality technology. Here, players are inserted into the ?Fazbear Fun Service? and will have to survive attack sequences in order to continue playing and increase the score.