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Sorry Motorola, but the new Moto G 2015 commercial is very contradictory!

Motorola published the first Moto G 2015 commercial yesterday and, after seeing a lot of praise on specialized websites regarding the promotional video, I decided to check it out and I have to say that it is very contradictory.

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To begin with, the company talks about qualities like all-day battery life, 4G internet support and water resistance. At all well, but it happens in the desert. Really? The video script until it's not what made me dislike it (or find it hilarious as the folks at Android Police found), but what is in the small letters at the end of the commercial:

commercial motorcycle g 2015 rough
The small letters in the Motorola commercial make the Moto G 2015 commercial make little sense. / Motorola Mobility

OK; First of all, Motorola makes reference to water resistance certification in the desert, an unhealthy environment known to be dry. Soon after, he says that the device is not dustproof again in the desert, which has only sand:

"Designed to withstand immersion up to 1 meter for 30 minutes thanks to the back cover that is properly sealed. It is not designed to work while underwater. Do not use while swimming or subject to extreme water pressures. No dustproof . "

It then advertises the battery's 24-hour function, but in the littery letters explains that "well, not quite": everything will (of course) depend on the user's usage behavior. Finally, it says that energy consumption is directly linked to factors such as the grid signal … in the desert!

"All claims regarding battery life are approximate and based on the profile of an average user and include use and rest. Actual battery performance will vary and depend on network signal, network settings, selected features, voice , data, temperatures and application usage patterns. "

I'm not really considering the story told by Motorola in this Moto G 2015 commercial, but the way the features of the device are presented to me doesn't seem the best of all! Check out the Moto G 2015 promotional video and get your own prints:

What's even more curious is that, in the end, the lead actor uses the Moto G 2015 as a really powerful speaker, but hopes: Motorola has just removed the narrow speaker column and the handset delivers mono audio quality. . Ah, Motorola, you can do better!

Update: Motorola's press office contacted AndroidPIT and said that the above commercial is the international version of the Moto G 2015 promotional video and there is also a national version. In Brazil, the manufacturer is running since yesterday (02.08) the following advertisement:

What's your opinion about the new Moto G 2015 commercial? Could Motorola really get the right message across, even if it was just creating a fun video?

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