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New Google Maps Update Will Help You Park

New Google Maps feature will help people park in urban centers

I remember some time ago there was a big "fever" of car GPSs, but these devices have become impossible for some over time because of the need for upgrading and not always good functionality, especially the cheaper ones. Not only that, after Google allowed Google Maps to download updated maps of regions and routes so that people could find themselves even without an internet connection, things got even worse next to them. What would be the next step?

Google Maps will help you park

Google is making available in some countries a new feature that will be popular with many people. Nowadays Maps can be used perfectly as GPS – with some advantages as I see it – for those who want to travel with some tranquility.

The new feature is an indicator of difficult parking spots, which is a concern for anyone who moves frequently, especially in large urban centers.

Google Maps Parking

Currently 25 US cities are using the function, which is expected to reach other countries soon as well. In Brazil the first cities that should receive the functionality are Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo.

Using the feature will not require more knowledge than people already have to use Google Maps. Just type in your destination address, as you would normally do when using the App, Google Maps will show you "P" (Parking) icons to indicate parking regions – maybe in Brazil the letter will change – also indicating the difficulty of parking in a certain region through the history record of those who have already parked there, with phrases like Easy, Medium or Limited.

Particularly I found the functionality great and will help a lot of people, what did you think of the news? Do you also suffer to find parking?

See you next time!

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