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Moto Assist Earns "Do Not Disturb" Feature Based on User Location

The Moto app now comes installed on the factory Moto G 2015. However, other Motorola devices, such as Moto X 2013, Moto X 2014, Moto G 2014 and Moto E 2015, already have the smart functions of the application between system configurations. Today, the Assist function has gained a new "do not disturb" mode, which can be configured based on the user's location. Check out more details below.

Within the Moto app we find the following functions: Screen, Aes, Voice and Assist (vary by model). The latter received an update from the Play Store and brought a new method for setting up new profiles. Now, when we select the icon for creating a new profile, we find the option "Add your location". The next menu will offer an option for creating a custom mode, which will display a map where the user can define the specific point of his location so that the function will be activated automatically. Check out the new function in the images below:

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Moto Assist gains custom tracking feature. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>With GPS and location services enabled, Assist will automatically recognize when the user is near a location associated with a specific profile. The user-defined mode will automatically activate and perform predetermined actions, such as completely muting the device or allowing only important notifications.</p>
<p>O <em>app</em> Moto is available for a few devices through the Google Play Store. Check availability for your device, or update the application on your Motorola to the latest version via the button below.</p>
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And what did you think about the new Moto Assist feature?

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