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How to Solve Realtek RTL8723BE Wireless Card Problem in Ubuntu and Linux Mint

The Linux Kernel over the years has been increasingly compatible with the drivers of equipment such as network cards, video, wireless, bluetooth and the like. But some models may perform poorly or run wild in a manner of speaking (lol).

One of those rare devices is the Realtek model RTL8723BE wireless network card, which according to reports from Ubuntu users since version 15.04, the wireless signal is weak or drops or is inconsistent. Very unusual situation to happen with Realtek cards, which have good compatibility with Linux. I see these cards usually equipping Positivo and Multilaser computers on their low-cost lines.

Some users have complained about the forums, such as Reddit and askubuntu, and have obtained a solution so far as final. Let's go to step by step.

Solving the signal problem

In this tutorial we will use the terminal, which you access by pressing the Ctrl + Alt + T key combination, done that we will go to the next step.

The command below is to make sure your Wi-Fi card is the model we are discussing in this post. The command must return with the name Realtek and the model RTL8723BE.

lspci -knn | grep Net -A2

Now let's download the driver to solve this.

Let's download from GitHub, with the command git, if you have not yet installed on your system, just see this tutorial on the blog (podexa q later on blogger I put hate hehe)

Choose a folder that you have privileged access to, such as the Downloads folder. It will look similar to the print below.

1) Inside this folder you will download the package with the following command:

git clone https://github/lwfinger/rtlwifi_new.git

2) Then you will access the folder, with the command:

cd rtlwifi_new

3) Let's take a command to prepare the ground for the driver, with the command:


4) Then we will install with the command

sudo make install

5) Now let's unload the module

sudo modprobe -r rtl8723be

6) Now we will load the new module, with its settings and parameters for the antenna.

sudo modprobe rtl8723be ant_sel = 1

7) Lastly let's check the signals that Wi-Fi is using

iwlist scan | egrep -i 'ssid | quality'

Then repeat steps 5 through 7, with ant_sel = 2 in step 6

8) When you choose the best setting and want to make it the system default, use this command:

echo "options rtl8723be ant_sel = N" | sudo tee /etc/modprobe.d/rtl8723be.conf

Note 1: Replace the letter N in the command with the numbers 1 or 2, depending on the option you chose.

Note 2: In order to upgrade or modify the kernel, I need to redo these procedures.

Hope to see you next post, big hug.