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Google Play Music offer entirely free plan from next week

Play Music is Android's native solution for streaming music, and it will receive big news from next week. Google will start marketing a completely free plan, sustained through advertisements between the executed tracks. Check out details below.

Starting next week, Android users will have access to the completely free Google Play Music plan. The new business model will include ads between the tracks that are playing in the app, and will make the service even more profitable for Big G. Play Music will also offer new methods for discovering music, based on everyday themes, physical activities, moments and emotions. Each theme will include a collection of songs previously selected by the curator of Play Music, also made up of professionals who migrated from the Songza platform, bought by Google in 2013. Songza, in addition to the paid plan, is also marketed. playlists themed ads with a free plan.

Through its official website, Google says Google Play Music users will be able to sync up to 50,000 songs on one device without the need to link payment methods. The service catalog has jumped from 25 million to 30 million since its worldwide launch. Initially, the news will be released only in the United States from next week, and there is no forecast for expansion of the new plan in other countries so far.

And, do you use Play Music streaming on your device?