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Zenfone 5: How to save battery and extend its life

O Asus Zenfone 5 a great device but like any other Android requires special care regarding battery life. We've prepared a selection of tips and tricks to save you battery life and extend your Zenfone 5's battery life. Check out our tips in the article below.

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Zenfone 5: How to save battery and extend its life. / ANDROIDPIT
<h2>1. Never let the battery completely discharge</h2>
<p>Every device has its average recharge cycle, and after this period is reached the battery life can change performance as a whole. The Zenfone 5 prompts you to charge your battery at around 18% charge, only when prompted to recharge your device. It is noteworthy that each connection to the charger counted as a recharge for the battery cycle. </p><div class=

2. Do not exceed recommended charging period

Avoid future Zenfone 5 battery problems such as rapid charge drainage or overheating. Charge the device for as long as the battery needs to reach 100%. The Zenfone 5 manual (model A501 / page 17) states that the device is not designed to be connected to a power source for long periods. Check out the excerpt from the manual below:

Important: Do not let your Zenfone 5 plug in power supply once fully charged. Your Zenfone 5 is not designed to stay connected for long periods of time.

3. Use native energy saver

Zenfone 5 comes bundled with a great battery saving app. You can access the app through the device's application menu, and after your selection you can see the percentage of charge and power saving modes. O ultra-economical mode disconnects the data network when the device is locked and delays delivery of push notifications from messengers and social networks.

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Zenfone 5's native battery-saving mode is complete and functional. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>Ultra-economical mode offers no customization and runs automatically. If notifications matter to you, choose the <strong>optimized mode</strong>, which regulates the use of brightness, location services and Bluetooth, keeping data active while using the device.</p>
<h2>4. Customize the energy saver</h2>
<p>Custom mode lets you select all apps and actions that drain the most battery from the device. When entering custom mode a gear icon will light up, click and mark the actions that should be controlled by the energy saver.</p>
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The screen brightness can be adjusted for each action selected, for example: when watching a video the brightness can be automatically set to be reduced by 30%. Custom mode does not disable data networking when the device is unlocked.

5. Control background applications

Power Saver provides some features for managing and controlling applications that consume battery, CPU, and start with Zenfone 5. When you open Power Saver, click the cone in the upper corner of the app (square with an arrow), and a list. of applications open. In the tab in the upper left corner click on "keep awake background" then the apps running in the background will be displayed.

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Control background apps open in Zenfone 5. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>Click on the apps that you are sure are using up the most energy and do not need to run in the background to function. When selecting the desired app a new page opens with information, scroll down to the end and check the "prevent the device from being awake" option. Although the Brazilian Portuguese language translation in Zenfone 5 is not perfect, this option means that the application no longer runs in the background. Remember that disabled apps will not send push notifications.</p>
<h2>6. Use DU Battery Saver</h2>
<p>Not all apps available on the Play Store that manage the battery of Zenfone 5 perform well. Few applications are compatible with the Intel Atom processor, such as those that work exceptionally on Qualcomm chipsets. O <strong>DU Battery Saver</strong>  one of the few that can optimize battery power correctly.</p>
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The "monitor" option tells you which applications can be terminated and which functions need to be disabled. The recommendation for termination of functions contributes to the user not having to disable useful options such as location services. You can download DU Battery Saver via the button below.

DU Battery Saver – Battery & Battery Manager
Install on Google Play

Which of the above tips do you already use for your Zenfone 5?

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