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Xiaomi lana Mijia internet-controlled washer and dryer

The electronics manufacturer Xiaomi presented its new line washer and dryer Mijia, which has as its main resource the possibility of being controlled by the user through the internet. This was one of eight products announced during a recent company launch conference, where gadgets like Mi Band 4, a Amazfit Verge 2 and the Amazfit Health Watch.


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With the name of Mijia Smart Washing Machine and Dryer ProIt is the appliance capable of washing up to 10kg of clothing at one time. The new model is an updated version of Xiaomi's first generation washing machine, which was launched in March 2019.

At the time, Xiaomi decided to sell the washer and dryer separately, with only the washer already costing CNY 1,999 (R $ 1,117 in direct conversion). To have the dryer too, it was necessary to disburse an additional CNY 3,999 (R $ 2,235), bringing the total price to CNY 5,998 (R $ 3,352).

Source: Xiaomi

The situation is now different with the Mijia Smart Washing Machine and Dryer Pro, as it already comes with the washer and dryer functions included in the price of CNY 2,999 ($ ??675). The appliance also features support for intelligent detergent dispensing and has a remote control function when using the Xiaomi universal remote control.

With this, you can control the washing and drying resources remotely by simply putting the dirty clothes in the machine before leaving home. According to the manufacturer, its new washing machine still offers the highest A + energy efficiency standard.

Source: Xiaomi

Xiaomi's new appliance simulates the handwashing process, with the possibility of twisting and shaking the clothes with greater intensity and frequency. The company has also implemented a micro-current care technology that uses hot air at a speed of up to 18m / s to return the fabric fibers to their natural state. With that, the promise of removing 99% of bacteria while the machine expels dust particles.

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