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Xiaomi brings her M365 electric scooter to Brazil for the suggested price of R $ 3,999

THE Xiaomi, through its official distributor DL ??Eletrnicos, brought to Brazil one of its first products to be sold here without being a smartphone. This is the electric scooter Mi Electric Scooter M365, which features a digital panel and connected functions.

According to the manufacturer, the Mi Electric Scooter M365 capable of 30 km of autonomy on a single charge, reaching up to 25 km / h. This is made possible by its motor, which has a maximum power of 500W. The scooter also features a disc brake, a headlight and LED taillight for safety.

For the connected part, the application-compatible scooter Mi Homewhere, when synchronized, you can see some data on M365 usage, such as trips made and the speed made on the route. The user can even lock or unlock the scooter for use with the app.

The battery, which holds 30 km, needs approximately 5.5 hours to fully recharge and the Mi Electric Scooter features a dial to indicate its range. There are four indicator lights that go out every 25% of the spent battery.

Mi Electric Scooter M365, as well as other Xiaomi products, will for now be sold in Brazil through authorized online stores for the suggested price of R $ 3,999. Distributors claim 30-day delivery time with a warranty of up to six months.


Understand how it works and what may change with the arrival of this innovation

The scooter is just another product of the huge portfolio beyond the Chinese manufacturer's cell phones and comes at an interesting time, as the vehicle is being popularized here by specialized services. Companies like Grin and the Yellow They have grown up here offering their shared transport solutions, involving bicycles and scooters, and the timing of importing the M365, so probably not coincidentally. Now be aware of what other gadgets are starting to get popular here because they can define Xiaomi's future investments in also importing your options here.

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