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Xiaomi Announces Two New Xiao Ai Smart Speakers in China for Prices Starting at $ 24

THE Xiaomi launched this week two new smart speakers in China, debuting its Xiao Ai line. It is the Xiao Ai Speaker Play It's from Xiao Ai Speaker Universal Remote Edition. They are named after their Xiaomi digital assistant support, Xiao Ai.

The design of the speakers is similar, but they have different colors and perform different functions. The Xiao Ai Speaker Universal Remote Edition comes in black and has as its main differential its ability to control other connected products, acting as a "universal control"As its name suggests. According to the manufacturer, it is compatible with over 5,000 different devices and able to connect via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or infrared. So you can create a centralization point for all connected devices in the house and control them all from one, from Xiao Ai Speaker Universal Remote Edition.

The device weighs 468g, measuring 14cm in height. To capture the user's commands, he has a wide-ranging 360-degree microphone that promises to be able to detect his voice in any corner of the room. Its connection, however, is not the most advanced, leaving the speaker compatible only with the 2.4GHz band of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1.

Credits: XiaomiCredits: Xiaomi

Already the Xiaomi Xiao Ai Speaker Play comes with less functions and more affordable price. He is still able to control other products, including Philips and AUX, but has more limited functionality, being compatible with Wi-Fi only. It comes in white color and its other functions are similar to its "bigger brother".


Announced 3 months ago, gadget can be purchased once in Q3

The Xiao Ai Speaker Universal Remote Edition starts selling tomorrow, June 13th, for the suggested price of 199 yuan, which gives more or less $ 29 at the current quotation. Cheaper Xiao Ai Speaker Play arrives later – only on June 18, at the suggested price of 169 yuan, which is equivalent to $ 24. Both speakers will be available for sale on the official Xiaomi website and there is still no information about availability in other countries, such as Brazil.

Source: GizmoChina