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Video: Recreating MacOS + Wallpapers Download New iPhones 11!

Every year when Apple launches new iPhones and Macs (and their respective operating systems), Apple often presents us with new wallpapers. In a way a bullshit, but a lot of people enjoy it.

In the case of macOS, since 2013, with the transition from Mountain Lion to Mavericks, the OS is updated annually with codenames of California locations and its default wallpaper obviously represents the choice of the time.

Three friends Andrew Levitt, Jacob Phillips and Taylor Gray decided to join recently, then, to make a Road trip a week behind all these California wallpapers from the last few years. And what did the video look great about? ?

Obviously, it's not just the video: the guys made available the five wallpapers they were able to recreate (just missing Mavericks, due to the time of year, and the last Catalina) on that Dropbox link. They were, at the same time, quite faithful and quite different from Apple's. I enjoyed it!

IPhones 11 Wallpapers

With the announcement of the iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, Apple has shown some new special wallpapers that possibly come with them.

And two users on Twitter were able to make versions available for download:


What about? ?

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