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Unc0ver jailbreak tool gains partial support for A12 and A12X devices

Last Monday, we talked here about two tools for jailbreak The Chimera and the unc0ver who had gained support for iOS 12.4 after Apple's "breakdown" of a loophole. There was one detail, however: the tools didn't support Ma chip devices A12 and A12X, which took from the party every iGadgets most recent. Now that has changed.

The unc0ver development team announced that the latest versions of the tool (3.5.4 and 3.5.5) bring partial support for devices with A12 and A12X chips such as XR / XS / XS Max iPhones, iPads Pro and Third generation air, it's the Fifth Generation iPad Mini.

?Partial? support because it is not yet able to perform code injection on newer devices; despite this, the jailbreak It can be installed on devices to enable SSH and support execution of unsigned codes. Both versions of the tool, 3.5.4 and 3.5.5, support gadgets with A12 and A12X chips; The difference is that the latest version was released to fix some bugs on devices running iOS 11.

It is good to note that without the code injection support, the jailbreak for A12 / A12X devices may be less stable and functional than ?complete? solutions, so it is not recommended to perform the process on your device if you are not fully aware of what you are doing. If you are aware and want to proceed, simply download unc0ver 3.5.5 files on this GitHub page.

via iClarified