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Uber: See the most bizarre items left inside the app's cars | Productivity

Forgetting Uber Travel Objects It's so common that the company has been publishing an index of lost and found three years ago. Some items are quite unusual: from dogs to gold teeth, the arsenal of things left in the backseat shows that for a distracted mind, nothing is impossible to ignore.

The private car company lists 50 objects in the "strange things" category. In addition, the publication reveals the most frequently overlooked items, the cities with the most careless passengers, and the days of the week when people tend to abandon things in the car more.

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Meet the most bizarre items forgotten by Uber passengers Photo: Carolina Ochsendorf / TechTudoMeet the most bizarre items forgotten by Uber passengers Photo: Carolina Ochsendorf / TechTudo

Meet the most bizarre items forgotten by Uber passengers Photo: Carolina Ochsendorf / TechTudo

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The most bizarre "item" is not an object. an eight-week-old Chihuahua puppy, coffee color. Soon after comes a full-size fake black neck cuff. Uber also included a photo of a New Year's kiss in the "top 3".

Other things worth mentioning are 7 Eleven store's chicken breasts; a black and white tuxedo for a cook; a complete set of 18k gold teeth; a professional hula hoop; a salmon head; and a medical marijuana pipe.

On the other hand, the most frequently overlooked items are not surprising. The phone is the champion, behind cameras. Wallets, keys and purses or backpacks complete the "top 5" of oblivion. Check below the complete lists released by Uber.

The 50 Strangest Items

  1. Coffee-colored Chihuahua at eight weeks of age;
  2. Large black fake fur neck cuff;
  3. Photo of a New Year's kiss;
  4. Six 7 Eleven Chicken Breasts;
  5. Black and white tuxedo for a small dog;
  6. Complete set of 18k gold teeth;
  7. Professional bamboo;
  8. Head of psalm;
  9. Medium-sized medical marijuana pipe;
  10. Birth certificate and social security card;
  11. Star Wars Skateboard;
  12. Peacock feather hair bow;
  13. Propane tank;
  14. Egg tray
  15. Louboutin white leather snakeskin heels;
  16. Lego championship wrestling belt;
  17. P-shaped brown hair and brush bundle;
  18. Ed Sheeran Show Regatta;
  19. Breast milk pump inside;
  20. Two packs of Italian sausage and Ao de Graas ham;
  21. Shopping cart;
  22. Ancestry test kit;
  23. Lotion and beard oil;
  24. Venetian mask of silver and peach color;
  25. Small handmade cat puppet;
  26. Baseball bat signed by Babe Ruth;
  27. White gold wedding ring with diamonds;
  28. McDonald's visor and large chips;
  29. Harry Potter magic wand;
  30. Pizza costume;
  31. Bird;
  32. Red bag with net inside that says "hang loose";
  33. Cheerleading skirt arranged with oil head design;
  34. Tnis Yeezy Boost 350 butters from Adidas;
  35. Dummy;
  36. Two pieces of a white wedding cake;
  37. Fog machine;
  38. Japanese style mandolin;
  39. Aquarium filled with fish water;
  40. Elvis cover with some jewelry;
  41. Gucci slipper;
  42. Red Lobster's lunch box;
  43. Starbucks Limited Edition Gift Card from Chance the Rapper;
  44. Photo 57 of a couple's prom;
  45. Ten pounds of shredded pork and ten pounds of shredded chicken;
  46. Rose Gold LuMee Mobile Phone Case by Kim Kardashian;
  47. Piece of parchment paper with sap;
  48. Deer antlers and a welding helmet;
  49. Dirty laundry;
  50. Small plush toy of a cat eating a slice of pizza.

The ten most frequently overlooked items:

  1. Cell phone;
  2. Camera;
  3. Wallet;
  4. Keys;
  5. Backpack;
  6. Clothing;
  7. glasses;
  8. Headphones;
  9. Vaporizer / electronic cigarette;
  10. Identity Card / Drivers License.

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