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ThunderMag Brings MagSafe Back to Mac with Thunderbolt 3 Speed

Since Apple ruthlessly killed the MagSafe port of MacBooks (Air / Pro), users have been stranded by a simple magnetic solution that will cause disaster in case anyone, say, stumble over a cable. Some third-party accessories have sprung up, but none have brought all the benefits of modernity so far.

O ThundermagOpen design on Kickstarter, the first Thunderbolt 3 magnetic adapter for connections that promises to keep your transfer and charging speeds intact. So far, all the accessories of the type significantly covered the speed, reading and energy transfer rates of the connection which, according to the creators, is not the case here: the pet supports up to 100W of power and 40GB / s of transfer. Even 4K or 5K video transmission is guaranteed.

Visually, ThunderMag is not unlike other magnetic adapters that have already emerged, such as ZNAPS. One end is plugged into the Mac while the other lives on the end of your USB-C or Thunderbolt 3 cable; just touch both of them for a safe (and trip-proof) connection to be made. The all-aluminum accessory and its creators promise dust and "pull" resistance.

ThunderMag's Kickstarter project has already exceeded its funding target by over 10x, and you can secure your copy with a contribution of $ 50 (According to its creators, it cost $ 80 when it hits the market). It is anticipated that the first accessory units will start shipping by the end of April.

via 9to5Mac