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The truth about WhatsApp is the storage of your links content!

Recently, German bloggers have found a bug in WhatsApp version 2.12.45 that allows the app to store their voice conversations in the call folder. Like recording the content of your conversations over the illegal phone without your consent or by court order, the service would be acting poorly. However, the blame is not entirely on the messaging app, but on websites that offer freeform APKs on the internet. Learn how to prevent your WhatsApp conversations from being recorded and stored in the app.

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The truth about WhatsApp and the storage of your calls. / ANDROIDPIT

Here in the AndroidPIT essay we tested version 2.12.45 on a Nexus 6 and found that the call files were all stored in the "WhatsApp Calls" folder and yes, the whole conversation content could be heard perfectly. For those who do not remember, version 2.12.45 was very popular because of the integration between WhatsApp and Google Drive for the backup of media. However, such a variant has not been officially published on the official WhatsApp website, as we can see from the list of changelogs from the WhatsApp beta download page. Therefore, version 2.12.45 available on APK Mirror as sideloading (installation from unknown sources) the problem at issue here.

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Files (left) can be easily unzipped and executed. APK-Mirror (right) distributes APKs randomly and inconsequentially. However, it is your responsibility to install packages from unknown sources. / ANDROIDPIT

By the time a user used version 2.12.45, however, all outgoing calls ended up in the directory. / 0 / WhatsApp / Media / WhatsApp calls/ e stored as unencrypted files. In later versions this list remains empty.

Solution: Upgrade WhatsApp to Play Store Version

So to prevent your conversations from being recorded and stored on third party WhatsApp merc, make sure you have the latest official version of the app on the Play Store.

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In most versions of WhatsApp, the directory for call log in messenger will be blank. And that is a good thing! / ANDROIDPIT

WhatsApp Messenger
Install on Google Play

According to the official statement by WhatsApp, the service was never intended to record users' conversations, so much so that it did not make the version available on its official website, only for beta testers. However, I believe the service should have greater control over WhatsApp beta versions, as incidents like this can happen all the time.

What's the version of WhatsApp installed on your smartphone? Did you identify the same problem? Let us know in the comments below.

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