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The LG G4 better than the Galaxy S6: Check out 5 reasons!

THE LG prepared the G4 to compete strongly with all flagships released in the first half. Currently the device already has a major competitor, the Galaxy S6. To prove that the device from the South Korean company meets the new Samsung model, we decided to make a list with 5 reasons that make the LG G4 better than the Galaxy S6. Check out more details in the article below.

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LG G4 vs. Galaxy S6 / ANDROIDPIT

1. Camera

The LG G3 has been launched with a spectacular camera, accompanied by a laser sensor for auto focus for almost instant activation. The new G4 camera has a f1.8 aperture lens that captures more light and delivers sharper results. The camera software has also been optimized, allowing the application to launch within six tenths of a second.

2. Memory Expansion

LG has opted to offer a single 32GB variant of the G4, but with a big differential. While Samsung has removed the Galaxy S6 microSD card slot, LG has retained this feature in its new flagship. The LG G4 can be expanded up to 128GB through the slot for microSD card. In Brazil, this feature will have an extra for the G4, as Samsung only offers the 32GB variant of the Galaxy S6.

3. Removable Battery

The LG G4 has a removable back allowing access to the battery. This feature can be useful for many users, making it easier to maintain the device and assisting in cases where the device needs to be manually reset.

4. Variety of materials

The Galaxy S6 is a very beautiful device, but it may not please everyone. LG decided to deliver three trim variants of the G4: genuine leather, ceramic and polycarbonate. The variety of materials offered by the company appeals to various audiences, who can choose the device that best suits the user.

5. Optimized Software

Samsung optimized the TouchWiz so it could run more smoothly on the Galaxy S6. LG has also revamped its LG UX 4.0 interface, removing pre-installed applications and primarily to prioritize battery consumption. According to the company, the new software contributes to a saving of 20% compared to the LG G3, which has the same autonomy of 3000mAh.

Among the devices of this comparison I choose the LG G4. Which of these two devices do you think is the best?

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