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Special Event: The news Apple has prepared for its stores

At Apple stores They are at the heart of everything the company does, after all, that the consumer has his closest experience with the company. Therefore, a moment of today's event has been set aside to talk a little about the news that I am coming to.

Deidre O'Brien, new bosses of Ma stores, participated for the first time in a special event of the company. And the main novelty has to do with product customization.

The Apple Watch Series 5, for example, is undoubtedly Apple's most customizable product. So there is now a new ?Stadium? in stores for consumers to create the combination of box and bracelet. That is, apparently there are no more "predefined" models to choose from in practice, we are talking about almost 1,000 different ways to combine the clocks.

The executive also highlighted something that is not yet available in Brazil, the program Apple Trade In, whereby consumers swap old handsets for new ones getting discounts and financing options something for the consumer and the planet, according to O'Brien.

Apple Fifth Avenue

On September 20 (the same day as the new iPhones will hit stores), another new (long awaited, true): the famous Apple Fifth Avenue, which has already become one of New York's top sights, will reopen after more than two years. of reform.

Absolutely everything has been turned in there. The store nearly doubled in size and even increased its ceiling; On the outside, we have a new glass cube and "bubbles" on the floor where you can "peek" at the store, which is underground. As before, it stay open 24/7.

This is worth (re) visiting, no doubt! ?