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So Paulo Court orders suspension of Uber in Brazil

O Uber It is a collective hitchhiking app and is always involved in some politics in the countries where the service is operating. The good news that the Justice of the State of So Paulo issued an injunction requesting the suspension of the application throughout the national territory. The decision came one day after the Lisbon Court suspended the operation of the service in Portugal, and less than a month after the demonstration that gathered 5,000 taxi drivers in the capital of So Paulo. Check out more details below.

Update: The injunction was dropped yesterday (May 4), and Uber can be used again until the final judgment.

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So Paulo Court requests suspension of Uber in Brazil. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>The Court of Justice of the State of So Paulo issued an injunction in favor of Abracontaxi, an association that represents taxi drivers in Brazil. The injunction determines the suspension of Uber activities throughout the national territory, with a daily fine of 100 thousand reais if the order is not fulfilled. The application should terminate all its activities in the state of So Paulo, such as closing payment services and suspending credit cards linked to user accounts. Judge Roberto Luiz Corcioli Filho of the So Paulo State Court of Justice orders the app to be deleted from the Play Store and removed remotely from the devices on which it is installed.</p>
<p>In a press release, Uber reports that it has not yet been notified of the action:</p>
<p><em>"Technological innovations have brought countless opportunities for people and cities. Through technology, cities will become better and more accessible to citizens, who need to have their fundamental right of choice assured. Uber is a technology company which connects private partner drivers with users. We publicly reinforce our commitment to offer Paulistas a safe and reliable alternative to urban mobility. Uber was not notified of this decision. "</em></p>
<p>This is not Uber's first suspension. In Portugal, Florncio de Almeida, president of Antral, had his request accepted by the Court of Lisbon on the afternoon of Tuesday (28/4). The decision obliges the end of the collective hitchhike service, and the termination of Uber's mobile application in Portugal. Credit cards, payment systems and the official Uber website also need to be suspended as determined.</p>
<h2>What is Uber?</h2>
<p>Uber is a service that provides private drivers for application users. The professionals are accredited with the company and follow minimum requirements for service. In other countries, the modalities are more comprehensive, such as door-to-door food delivery and luxury car service. Some vehicles have free water, air conditioning, among others differentials that increase up to 25% the value of a simpler trip by the application itself. The value of a Uber race can be up to 10% cheaper than a local taxi service. Uber's profit comes from 20% commission earned on each trip and 10% over software that is licensed for the driver to connect with the user. The company's operations began in Brazil in May 2014, and since then have been very annoying to the taxi driver category. The company sells the service in the form of paid hitchhiking, that is, has no relationship with the Associations and Cooperatives of Taxi (Abracomtaxi).</p>
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Uber in the sights of Brazilian taxi drivers

At the beginning of April, a demonstration held in So Paulo gathered around 5,000 taxi drivers who protested against the operation of the service in the country. In a note issued to the press at the time, Uber in Brazil commented on the fact:

"Brazilians must have secured their right of choice to move around the cities. Uber points out that not a taxi company, much less provides this type of service, but a technology company that created a technology platform that connects drivers drivers. users who are looking for safe and efficient travel. "

Taxi drivers claim that all practices for the transport of passengers individually with some kind of remuneration are under their protection, having this right regulated by the urban mobility law 12,468. The law established in 2011 dictates all the rules that must be followed for companies to operate in this modality. Even though Uber is a private hitchhiking service, the procedure performed by the company would conflict with the interests of taxi drivers, who eventually lost customers to the app in some cities.

The category complains about the lack of supervision and the clandestine practice of transport performed by Uber. The category asks the Federal Public Ministry to intensify daily actions and increase the fine for each vehicle of the seized service until the application is inactivated in the country. Since the beginning of its operations in Brazil, Uber has had 17 vehicles seized by the MPF on suspicion of irregular transport.

Are you in favor of Uber's suspension in Brazil?

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