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Restoring the factory default is not enough to protect your data!

Data recovery on mobile devices is a constant concern among users, and rightly so, even after erasing, data can still be found through advanced programs or even having root access to the system. Now two students at Cambridge University bring this issue up once again by stating that restoring device factory defaults running Android OS is not effective when it comes to removing your device data. However, there is a very simple way to prevent third parties from accessing your information, see below.

The study

The study looked at 21 second hand smartphones from different manufacturers running Android 2.3 at 4.3. They have all been "cleaned up" using the system native application to reset Factory Despite the process of restoring factory defaults, the researchers were able to recover the master file on 80% of devices, where it was possible to synchronize contacts, email and data again.

As Android users know, to improve usability and mobile experience, most applications have overwritten passwords and automatic authentication at the time of initial setup as the user enters the password. After this first password-based authentication, users are automatically connected with the authentication file, in which emails can be retrieved, downloaded calendar notifications, and others without the need for the user to act actively to do so.

reset android factory defaults
The message we received from the system is clear: "All your data will be deleted from your device storage". / ANDROIDPIT

These files are often stored in non-volatile flash memory, that is, a kind of smartphone "hard disk" that permanently records your data so you don't lose it. Their continuation in the specific partition suggests that user data will remain exposed.

Still according to the study, alternatives to making the factory default restoration process viable are inconvenient as root access to the device is required. Thus, most smartphone users are left out. However, a simple tip can ensure the privacy of your data more effectively.

How to prevent your data from being accessed by third parties

As we have previously posted here on the website, to prevent third parties from retrieving your data, encrypting your phone data from the moment you start using the device should address the issue. To do so, simply enable the feature by clicking Settings> Security> Encrypt Phone. This way, your data, even recovered, will only be accessible through a password you created.

encrypt internal memory phone
Enable "Phone Encryption" and prevent your data from being accessed by third parties. / ANDROIDPIT

If you have never chosen to encrypt your smartphone data before, but want to sell the device or pass it on to a friend or family member, click the link below to learn how to protect your data using reset Factory:

And, in your opinion, is this a problem that is unresolved and we are all at the mercy of advanced software when it comes to data shared on mobile devices, or can Android offer and offer a simpler and more secure option for protecting user information?

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