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"Real" Walkie Talkie project for iPhones reportedly canceled by Apple

Lack of innovation is a real problem that permeates the world of smartphones and iPhones in particular. With that in mind, what would you think of a feature on future Ma phones that would allow handset communication even without Wi-Fi or cellular network? Innovative, isn't it? For apparently Apple killed just such a project.

According to The information, the company was working with Intel in a new feature of Walkie talkie that would be incorporated into future iPhones. Nothing to do with Apple Watch's Walkie Talkie feature, which requires connecting to a network to work: If it came into existence, the new technology could connect iPhones long distance without any external connection just like a real Walkie Talkie.

The feature would be based on 900MHz radio waves, which would connect the handsets directly without interference from cellular networks. This would allow communication between iPhones even in totally remote areas, such as forests or small roads.

All very cool, but apparently we will not see another feature of this type, at least in the near future. That's because the technology was closely linked to Intel and its 5G modems, the operation of which Apple itself recently acquired. Putting that together with Rubn Caballero, who was overseeing the project, the company found it more productive to cancel the plans as a whole.

This does not mean, of course, that we will never see a "real" Walkie Talkie on a future iPhone, but for now, it seems that the feature is not very present in Apple's backlog. Too bad.

via MacRumors