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If you are looking for something very practical, that is, a type of game that you immerse yourself in and that comes off after a few minutes, we believe Plingi Juggle is what you need to have. Not those complicated games and like those good old hobbies. Read our review to learn more about it.

Functions & Usage

We have to be very honest with you, reader: the first time we played Plingi Juggle, we were a little overwhelmed. And to avoid any misgivings about the game, here is a brief description of it. Imagine yourself standing in front of a tree in a kind of garden. At its top, a spider picking fruits to throw them to the ground. Your mission is to catch the falling fruits using the cobwebs and throw them back up so that they do not fall and crash to the ground. It will take three throws of a certain fruit to be directed to a machine that will make it a delicious puree.

At first, you will have the feeling that the spider is not the crudest, because it does not throw so many fruits. From the moment you are trained, yes she will begin to bombard you. You have to be quick and cunning to play with the webs at your disposal. But don't worry, with a bit of practice, you'll be great.

There are two game modes: level and infinity. The former has a lot of levels and should keep you busy for a long time.

Conclusion:Plingi Juggle is a very simple game and very well designed for a good pastime.

Screen & Controls

The main menu takes you to all available Plingi Juggle features, including volume and sound effects control. Click Play and select the game mode (Level or Infinity). You may still have a preview of what a certain level offers. Pause is at the top of the screen, right. The arrows indicate how the spiders should be controlled. Just click right or left of the display to make them move in the chosen direction. Once the game has been paused, when playing again, a counter displays how many seconds are left to resume from the game. In short: both controls and graphics are very good on Plingi Juggle.

Speed ??& Stability

The game loads quickly and moving from one level to another lasts nothing. Plingi Juggle performed very well during our tests.

Price / Performance Ratio

Plingi Juggle is available for download on Google Play and costs a penny!

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