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OfficeSuite Pro 6 + (PDF & HD)

Sometimes time is scarce and we have to work with Word, Excel or Power Point files. It would be perfect to take advantage of the time we lost on the way to work whether inside the subway or even the plane to advance some tasks. Save time, therefore, with the application we present today, OfficeSuite Pro 6 + (PDF & HD). Not only does it allow you to work with a wide variety of files, but it also has many ways to create, edit and share documents. Are you curious? Keep reading our review.

Functions & Usage

Device: Lg Optimus BlackAndroid Version: 2.3.4Root: NoModifications: NoSize: 11.3MBOfficeSuite Pro 6 + (PDF & HD) is an application that allows the user to work with the Office suite. This means that you can create and edit files in Word, Excel, Power Point format and read PDF files. To do this, OfficeSuite requires the following permissions:

  • Vibration control
  • Full Internet Access
  • View the status of wireless networks
  • Read phone status and identification. Registration is based on device ID / IMEI
  • Auto restart: such permission may be required for the program to record the files on the phone and start the file search.
  • Disable standby mode: This option is required to keep the screen active. This is a must for Power Point presentations.
  • Contact Data Management
  • Modify / delete SD card content: permission required to open and save files
  • Read SMS or MMS to be able to open files sent by MMS

Don't worry about the permissions. They are necessary for the perfect functioning of the application. The first thing to decide at first is whether you want to sign up for the app or not. With registration, you will have access to quality support, special offers and additional information. If you are not so sure to register, just skip this option and decide to register on another occasion. The difference that all features that Word or Excel have in the File option appear here on the main screen.

You can access your local files. In My Documents you can determine a default folder where you can save all your documents. In the Local Files option, you have access to the SD card and can select the files you want. Both options are very useful to have everything organized and well managed. You can therefore create files and save them in a working directory. It is also possible to search directly for files, which are classified in several ways. This means that the app has search filters. With them, you can, for example, just fetch text files.

You can access files saved on a remote server. You need to add a remote account to enable this function and access the files belonging to it. The app allows you to have a Google Docs, Drop Box or Box account. Creating new documents is quite simple: just tap the button at the bottom of the screen. This is done, a list opens and you can select what type of document you want to create: Word, Excel or Power Point.

Word documentsOfficeSuite offers the same features as a regular word processor. You can choose the type of document font, as well as determine if a certain word should be bold, italic, or underlined. Text may be justified and images or tables may also be inserted. You can determine the settings of the paragraph. Anyway, everything works perfectly as a Word of life. OfficeSuite, however, offers only six types of fonts. Documents can be saved with the extensions .docx, .doc, .rft or .txt. That is, the application has all the necessary functions to work on a document through your tablet or smartphone. Of course, it does not bring all the functions, but the ones most used by an average Word user.

Excel documentsAlso here you will find all the essential features of a calculation table. You can also work with different fonts and formats and use the functions, format of tables and diagrams. You can also edit multiple spreadsheets at the same time. Documents can be saved with the extensions .xlsx, .xls, or .csv.

Power Point PresentationsOfficeSuite offers ten different Power Point presentation formats, but the editing capabilities for the latter are a bit more limited. There is no large font format, for example. If you transfer a presentation from your PC to your device, you will soon notice the differences. Either way, created presentations can be saved in four different formats of MS PowerPoint.

ConclusionOfficeSuite Pro 6 + (PDF & HD) is an application for which we take off our hats. Excel and Word features are very useful. The fact that you can either create documents directly on your device, or import from your PC is someone who has already started editing. Not to mention that everything that has to do with Power Point has disappointed us a little, especially because presentations already existing on the PC and which are transferred to the smartphone have errors.

Screen & Controls

OfficeSuite Pro 6 + (PDF & HD) works very simply and logically. At the bottom, you will find the most important functions and controls: all in the form of buttons. That means we don't have to keep twirling the app to find them. Functions not at the bottom of the screen can be found on the menu button. We can not fail to speak very well of design, which is the most interesting.

Speed ??& Stability

OfficeSuite Pro 6 + (PDF & HD) worked smoothly and steadily all the time. During our testing period, the application did not crash. The ability to move from document to document also worked perfectly.

Price / Performance Ratio

OfficeSuite Pro 6 + (PDF & HD) typically costs 11.70. As this is our app of the week, it's only coming out for $ 4.99.

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