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Microsoft's OneDrive can get to Linux through Insync

Insync is working to bring OneDrive to Linux, just as it did with Google Drive.

The company behind the app is responsible for having Google Drive on Linux, with a customer as good as or even better than Google, is now planning to bring another heavyweight into the penguin world, the Onedrive.

  Microsoft's OneDrive can get to Linux through Insync They have launched a new session on their website, where you can sign up and queue for beta with support, you can access the link here.

Before this news coming from the staff of the Insync, Linux people who wanted to use OneDrive had some solutions, but not always to their liking. Like using via command line or using browser, or through a client like SME, but we know how useful a sync App can be, even if SME does it, but otherwise.

With this support from OneDrive coming to Insync, we will have the same facilities as when using Google accounts, such as:

– Select which files you will sync;

– Synchronize files on various platforms (Linux, Windows and macOS);

– Manage files with a friendly and easy interface;

– Synchronize bilaterally, locally to cloud and vice versa;

– Sync multiple accounts in one place.

With this arrival, another gap will be filled, a OneDrive client for Linux, even non-Microsoft, welcome and coming soon.

Hope to see you next post, big hug.

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