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LED Light Fun + Flashlight

A lot of people are interested in apps that improve the organization and management of the smartphone. There are other groups who already prefer entertainment apps. In addition to the apps we review every day, there are also apps that can make the user get a little distracted and forget their routine. The case of LED Light Fun + Flashlight. Keep reading our app review today to learn more about it.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy TabLED Light Fun + Flashlight is a perfect app to have fun with, but we should make it clear that its use is not for long term diversion. What makes it really special is the LED flashlight function, which can be customized in a thousand ways.

The super easy-to-use app features five diverse LED displays and a flashlight function that is based on the user's smartphone camera flash. The flashlight can be activated via a widget on the main screen. Below are the LED functions of the app:

  • LED display: static, moving or flashing text
  • LED Touch Display: Static or Flashing LED
  • Digital clock: comprises date and time
  • Blue police light: comes with sound
  • Relaxed LED colors: fill the screen with a random combination of LED colors

The first option, for all intents and purposes, is our favorite: you can create moving custom messages on your screen, as well as select from a variety of options, such as the type of character, its size, the speed of text movement in the screen. screen. This function is great for writing messages for special occasions.

Already the second option, similar to the previous one, allows the user to be creative with LED lights. You can create custom light sequences by dragging your finger across the screen. Some options allow you to insert symbols and messages in the original animations.

The digital clock is great to use as a background. It has a very refined look and rich in details.

The last two options are very interesting, but using them depends on the taste and interest of the user, as there are those who do not like to look at a screen emitting LED lights for a long time.

The flashlight is fully customizable and that means you can adjust the flash interval. In short this app completes and offers a number of functions that can be used on different occasions.

Conclusion: The LED Light Fun + Flashlight is a very original based on a simple and retro design. Besides the flashlight, the app is not super useful, but it is still fun to explore the full range of colors and effects it offers.

Screen & Controls

The LED Light Fun + Flashlight is super simple to use. The main screen displays all app options, from which it is possible, by clicking on the Menu button, to access the secondary customization functions. The retr design goes a long way with the kind of application that LED Light Fun + Flashlight.

Speed ??& Stability

The LED Light Fun + Flashlight works very well and during our tests we did not check for any slowdowns or other anomalies.

Price / Performance Ratio

LED Light Fun + Flashlight can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. That is, testing your capabilities costs nothing!