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iPhone 11 Pro Max promises to be the new “king of the battery”

The iPhone XR's worldwide popularity has undoubtedly been due to a variety of factors including price, feature pack, and one very important to consumers: its great thing. battery life.

Apparently Apple needed, after years of teasing over the limited batteries of the iPhones, for a model to become the top seller in the world to realize that this is really fundamental in a smartphone. And she gave the answer with her new line of handsets, presented yesterday.

XR's direct successor, the iPhone 11, have a battery that lasts ?1h longer? than its predecessor, going from 16 to 17 hours of video playback (one of the metrics used by Apple).

See you, wonder. Apple took what was good and made it even better. But what really impresses are the heels of the other two devices, the models flagships (more expensive).

To iPhone 11 Pro, Apple is promising "4h more than the iPhone XS"; j for the iPhone 11 Pro Max, ?5h more than the iPhone XS Max?. That's a lot, folks.

Just to give you an idea, in the same video playback metric the iPhones 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max will reach 18 and 20 hours respectively. That is, now we actually have a "step ladder": the better (more expensive) the iPhone, the more battery you have.

Apple 18W USB-C Charger

I know some people who are still amazed by the autonomy of the iPhone XR. If the 11 Pro Max really lasts for about 25% longer (making a simple container), here is a new ?king of the battery?. Now test this in practice when we get our hands on it.

It is worth remembering that Apple finally includes in the box of iPhones 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max an 18W USB-C charger that promises to take the device at 50% in just 30 minutes. Unfortunately, the iPhone 11 still come with the poor conventional 5W charger.

via 9to5Mac