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Firefox 66 will come with better integration with GNOME and news

Next version of Firefox, due to arrive in March, promises better integration with GNOME.

As we recently reported, the Mozilla team has brought a lot of news and improvements in Firefox 65, which you can check out the full article here.  Firefox 66 comes with better GNOME integration and news

Past the release of verse 65, now the staff of the Firefox You begin to focus your energies on version 66, with bug fixes, navigation improvements, and implementation of new features.

One of the new features is that Firefox 66 comes with the title bar hidden, thus making integration with GNOME more natural, depending on HIG (Human Interface Guidelines / Guidelines) of the GNOME desktop environment, which is used in Ubuntu, which although focusing on GNOME, does not prevent this integration from improving in other interfaces as well.

Hidden Title Border

Another improvement that people are bringing, the improvement of how page scrolling behaves, with scroll anchoring, means that this new enhancement will prevent the content of the pages we are navigating from leaping while being loaded. .

In this new version of Firefox has also been added the ability to search through the tabs opened by the floating menu.

Another feature that will be implemented in Firefox 66 is the automatic playback of video and audio on websites, such as YouTubeIf you want to enable it, you have to do it manually on the site you choose.

If you want to see all the news that the Firefox team will bring, just access this link.

The team's expectation is to release this news along with the global Firefox release scheduled for March 19, 2019, commented Chris Pearce, one of Firefox's devs, on Mozilla's blog, Hacks. There he gives more technical details of the upcoming implementations in Firefox version 66. You can check the blog post at this link.

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