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Disney + will be compatible with all Apple devices (and the world, basically)

While your wolf Apple TV + coming, the world turns its attention to the launch of another titanic platform of streaming that can shake the marketing and artistic scenario. I speak, of course, of Disney +, the service of the giant Mickey Mouse (which seems to be swallowing up new businesses and intellectual property at an ever-increasing rate) to arrive on the day. November 12th in three countries.

Today, Disney revealed some extra details about the launch of the service and made available, for the first time, the complete list of platforms that will be able to access the platform on the first day. Not surprisingly, the entire Apple ecosystem is on the list: we will have apps for iOS and tvOSand of course a web client that can be used in Mac (or any compatible browser, of course).

The full list of platforms where Disney + will be available on the following release:

  • iPhone, iPad (iOS) and Apple TV (tvOS);
  • Android, Android TV, and Chromecast devices;
  • Web browsers;
  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro;
  • Xbox One, One S, One X, and One S All-Digital Edition;
  • Roku and Roku TV.

Some absences draw attention, such as the devices of the Amazon, such as Fire TV and Kindle Fire tablets, and Smart TVs from Samsung (running Tizen) and the LG (webOS). It is likely, however, that this is only a matter of time, as other Disney property apps, such as Hulu, have normal presence on these platforms.

Interestingly, taking the opposite path of other giants, Disney will allow potential customers to subscribe to the platform directly through the iOS or tvOS app. As we know, companies like Netflix and Spotify have abandoned this option lately, advising users to subscribe to their services directly over the web because of Apple's charge (the part that stays with it) for subscriptions made within their ecosystem.

Another interesting detail, brought by the The verge: Disney apparently has plans to integrate the content of Disney + with the Apple TV app, so that their original films and series appear as suggestions on Ma's platform and can be searched by Siri. This has not yet been confirmed, however.

Disney also announced today that two more countries will see the arrival of Disney + on the same day as the United States: Canada and Netherlands. The service will cost, respectively, CA $ 9 per month (CA $ 90 per year) and 7 monthly (70 per year). Here in Brazil, as already said, the platform will arrive only at the end of 2020 / beginning of 2021.

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