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It's great to know that new versions of Android apps come with improvements and additional elements over the original versions. This is exactly what happened with Catan, which with its version 3.0, Cities and Knights, is more complete and feature rich. Want to know what's your news? This is the chance: read our review.

Functions & Usage

Testing Catan to write about him was a great pleasure. We really spent long hours having fun. Compared to the first version, which came out about a year and a half ago, this new one is much better, especially with regard to the balance and difficulty of the game.

Installing the app requires 20MB of space. We don't understand why this data is no longer included in the app's APK package. The fact that this procedure must be done in order to start the app.

But let's focus on the improvements introduced with version 3.0. First, remember that the game carries the title Cities and Knights, which suggests that it is more complete in terms of content. The new expansion can be purchased within the app itself, at the Google store for 2.99. The fact that the improvement of the game has become a double-edged sword, for on the one hand there is an expansion of possibilities, but at the same time the price. Nevertheless, the tactical possibilities that come with the package you buy make you play for hours.

There are many new features that the game offers: from the ability to select opponents who have specific strengths and weaknesses to their behavior during the game. In the new version, opponents play for themselves without making coalitions against the player. The user interface is not the most perfect, but everything is better than before. What's more, opponents make more rational and victory-oriented decisions and not to destroy the player.

It is possible to select different sets of cards to play and also to play the expansion lite mode, which makes everything very clear for the most difficult version. Some say that the game lacks a multiplayer mode, but we are of the opinion that this lack does not affect the quality. The app works great on tablets. Anyway, a better implementation of the game for larger screens is still to be recommended. Another potential improvement would be the ability to restore previous backups.

Conclusion:The new version of Catan was very well made and the game is at the level of table games, although it is played against opponents controlled by artificial intelligence. For Catan fans, a message: be sure to download this app, despite its somewhat salty price.

Screen & Controls

In this regard, Catan is full of good points. It has a beautiful design, good graphics and very simple controls. In short, an app above average. The new version of the game worked very well on the Nexus 4. Although the tablet optimization is not yet complete, we can say without much hesitation that the graphics and other aspects of the game guarantee its optimal rating.

Speed ??& Stability

During the several days of testing with Catan, we found only one little interruption issue. The rest of the time meant perfect functioning.

Price / Performance Ratio

Catan can be downloaded from the AndroidPIT App Center. Like the App of the Week (Jan 21, 2013 Jan 27, 2013), you can get it at a discount: for only 1.49 or $ 4.06.

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