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Best tips for using Samsung Galaxy Win 2 Duos 4G

Samsung introduced the Galaxy Win 2 Duos to the midrange device market about 2 months ago. The device offers decent settings and some native features like digital TV and dual-chip option. We've decided to separate the best usage tips for you to customize your new device and optimize your device experience. Check out our selection in the article below.

Customize quick setting shortcuts

Samsung's interface follows all Android KitKat guidelines, and provides a unique bar for system settings shortcuts. You can customize the amount or sequence in which shortcuts should be displayed. V at as System Settings> Display> Notification Panel. All shortcuts that can be used in the quick access bar will be displayed. Hold and press to arrange or remove desired shortcuts.

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Galaxy Win 2 Duos Quick Access Bar. / ANDROIDPIT
<h2>Change the default system font</h2>
<p>Samsung has always made available on its devices, including the older ones, the option to change the writing font of the system. The totally welcome change in the Galaxy Win 2 Duos, which has the most compact screen and flawlessly displays the Samsung Sans font. For the entire system context to be displayed with better framing and readability, we recommend switching to Android's native font, Roboto. Follow the following path: <em>System Settings> Display> Select Font</em>. You can also download new fonts or switch between those available from TouchWiz.</p>
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Change effect to screen unlock

In addition to the default password settings that can be set in the Galaxy Win 2 Duos, Samsung offers some screen unlock effects options. By default, the device follows the "Bouncing Stones" effect, which unlocks the screen with a circle design. You can make the change to the "Tense" effect, which displays a sequence of line and circle animations. V at as System Settings> Lock Screen> Unlock Effect and select the desired effect. If animations are a nuisance to you, you can disable them altogether via the "Off" option.

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Customize the effect for screen unlock. / ANDROIDPIT
<h2>Enable low power mode</h2>
<p>Battery saving is a priority for many users. The low power mode present in Galaxy Win 2 Duos restricts the use of user-selected applications, turns off mobile data after screen lock and can increase battery life by up to 15%. The option can be accessed at: <em>System Settings> Power> Low Power Mode</em>.</p>
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Arrange the application drawer alphabetically

By default, the Galaxy Win 2 Duos application drawer organizes all apps according to the sequence in which they were downloaded. If you have many applications installed, the organization may sound a bit confusing. Open the app drawer and click on the three dots in the upper right corner, select "view as" and check the "Alphabetical order" option. From this the applications will be rearranged in alphabetical order, and may facilitate the usability of the system.

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Galaxy Win 2 Duos app drawer. / ANDROIDPIT
<h2>Disable unwanted apps</h2>
<p>Many native apps can't be uninstalled on Galaxy Win 2 Duos, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to disable them. Open the application drawer and select the "uninstall / disable" option, following which an icon will appear on each icon that will allow you to uninstall or disable most <em>apps </em>pre-installed. Remember to disable only services and software that are not essential to you.</p>
<figure><img alt=

Organize contacts by carriers

You can organize your phonebook contacts in specific colors for each corresponding carrier. Open the contacts app and click on the three dots displayed in the upper right corner of the screen. Select the "Update carrier information" option and wait for a new screen to appear. From this you can select contacts and set a color for each carrier group you name.

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Organize contacts by carrier on Galaxy Win 2 Duos. ANDROIDPIT
<p>All features presented in this tutorial are compatible with some versions of TouchWiz, present throughout Samsung's Galaxy line.</p>
<p>And which tip do you already use on your Android?</p>
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