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Apple TV + will have limitations on content download and simultaneous streaming

O Apple TV + It is about to be released and we already know more or less what we can expect from it in these early months, but several minor details about it are still missing. Today the MacRumors has published two likely information about Ma's original content platform that, while not so good, is nonetheless expected.

Looking at code snippets found on macOS Catalina, the site team found that apparently Apple plans to allow the content download from the platform so you can watch series and movies offline. So far, great (and expected); On the other hand, it seems that Ma limit these downloads.

For example, if you have the same episode of a series downloaded on many devices at a certain point when you try to download it again, the system warns you that you must delete it from any of your other devices before you can do so. There is also a global download limit that you can perform for months but it is not yet known what this limit is.

Messages found on the system also indicate that Apple will implement a limit of streamings simultaneous That is, a maximum amount of devices connected to the same subscription watching the Apple TV + at the same time. This is very common: Netflix, for example, bases its plans on the number of screens that can stream its content simultaneously. There is no information, however, of how many users Apple will allow watching their movies and series at the same time.

Since we are dealing with code-based information from a system still in beta, it is always possible for Apple to change all of this at the last minute; Anyway, we seem to be facing an indication of how things will work with the Apple TV + which, if the rumors are correct, will cost $ 10 by ms and be released on November in the early countries. Let's wait.