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Apple launches new cases for iPhones and iPads, Apple Watch bracelets and more!

New Apple product launches also mean new accessories coming. Let's take a look at what you painted again for Ma devices?

Cases for iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

Apple's Brazilian site is still on the list, but not in the US (and in other countries, where iPhones will be launched on 9/20), there are already new cases for the new handsets.

iPhone 11

For the new entry model, we have two cases:

  • Clear (transparent): $ 39;
  • Silicone (white or black): $ 39.

11 Pro and 11 Pro Max iPhones

The top-of-the-line models have four case options:

  • Clear (transparent): $ 39;
  • Silicone (Clementine, Pine Green, Alaska Blue, Sand Pink, Midnight Blue, White, Black or Red): $ 39;
  • Leather (Sicilian slime, forest green, midnight blue, brown, black or red): $ 49;
  • Folio (eggplant or black): $ 129.

10.2 inch iPad

For the next generation iPad, Apple has also made available some such accessories, already sold here in Brazil:

  • Smart cover (Alaska, centurea, papaya, charcoal, pink or white sand): $ 49 / $ 399;
  • Leather smart cover (midnight blue, brown, black or red): $ 69 / R $ 569;
  • Smart keyboard: $ 159 / $ 1,049.

New colors of bracelets for Apple Watch

As usual, before Apple's special event, watch strap stocks were very low as the company always renews its line when introducing a new generation of its smartwatch.

Here are the new colors for each bracelet family that are now for sale with readjusted prices:

  • Sports Wristband (R $ 399): pine green, alaska blue, mandarin orange and lemon cream;
  • Sports Loop Bracelet (US $ 139): rom, khaki, alaska blue, midnight blue, camel and anchor gray;
  • Nike Sports Bracelet (US $ 139): black / deep pink, desert sand / black and royal / black;
  • Nike Sports Loop Bracelet (US $ 139): intense pink / jabuticaba. desert sand / Volt and royal / lava orange;
  • Modern Clasp Leather Bracelet ($ 499): chestnut, aubergine purple and black;
  • Leather Bracelet: Sicilian, black and brown slime;
  • Herms Bracelets (Single and Double TourNot available in Brazil.): Noir, Briqu / Bton, Encre / Bton and Tain / Bton.

Apple Watch Magnetic Charger with USB-C Connector

Apple also began selling the Apple Watch magnetic charger with a 1-meter USB-C connector before, the only option being 0.3m.

The cable is coming out of $ 29 in the United States and here, when it arrives, it should cost R $ 249.

Other brands accessories

Not only Apple accessories live this world, so it is also worth highlighting some products presented by Ma partners for the new releases.


THE Logitech, for example, announced new accessories for the 7th generation iPad: Rugged Folio, Slim folio and Rugged 3 Combo.

Rugged Folio

Rugged Folio offers more robust fall protection and also works with the iPad Smart Connector, providing power to the keyboard; Slim Folio connects to iPad via Bluetooth, offers full front and back protection, and a storage space for the Logitech Crayon; Created especially for schools, Rugged 3 Combo is very similar to Rugged Folio in that it uses the new Smart Connector, offers great protection, a durable keyboard and highly flexible support.

A Rugged Folio Cost$ 140 be released in October; the slim folio cost $ 100 and be released in November; The Rugged 3 Combo will be available for purchase for $ 100, but only for educational institutions.


Razer, a traditional gamer brand, also has a foot in the Apple world and has launched new cases for iPhones. Why? Well, the branded cases are specifically designed to help prevent overheating of the phone during more intense activities such as gaming. Makes sense, doesn't it?

The cases use a proprietary technology from Razer called Thermaphene, which is sandwiched between a microfiber lining and a punctured exterior to help release heat.

There are two versions, Slim and Pro. The Pro offers additional protection for falls of up to 3 meters. Cases are available for iPhones 11 and 11 Pro, and are priced at $ 30 (Slim) and $ 40 (Pro) in black, white or pink.


The new iPhones have the best batteries we've ever seen on Apple smartphones, which may be enough for a lot of people. But if you're not one of those people and need more energy, mophie has also tried to announce her famous battery case for iPhones 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

The cases juice pack access battery they can be recharged using Qi standard cradles, include a USB-C port for wired charging, provide protection and a battery capacity of 2,000mAh (11 and 11 Pro) and 2,200mAh (11 Pro Max). Note that, like the iPhone's wirelessly recharged battery, you can still use the Lightning port to plug in the EarPods.

The cases cost $ 100 It will start selling in October in a variety of colors, including black, pink and red. Interested parties can register on the company's website to be notified when the accessory is available.

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