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Apple Arcade preview shows how the service works and some games

O Apple Arcade That's what this week: Apple's upcoming gaming platform yesterday had its testing program started for Apple employees. Shortly thereafter, files found in the latest iOS 13 beta hit my teeth about the supposed monthly value of the service. Now we have a video preview of how it works and some of its games.

Early access was obtained by the 9to5Mac, who, through some mysterious technique, was able to enter the same testing program exclusively for Apple employees. Jeff Benjamin tested the service on a 13-inch MacBook Pro, 2019 basic model which can give you an idea of ??the platform's performance on his machine.

Of course, it should be noted that Apple Arcade (as well as its games) is still in the testing phase, so any elements noted here may be changed until the platform is finally released. Still, we may have a good idea of ??what lies ahead.

As already announced, Apple Arcade can be accessed through the App Store. A specific tab for the service will be added to the store, and users (subscribers or not) will be able to check the list of available games. By clicking on each of the titles, you open a special page, with a video at the top and various information at the bottom, such as screenshots, size, description, compatibility, banner and user reviews.

If you are not an Apple Arcade subscriber, each game comes with the Try It For Free button, which directs you to the free service testing month for this beta period, which costs $ 0.50 a month after 30 days. This price, however, for employees; everything indicates that its final value is of $ 5 per ms. Platform subscribers will simply see the "Get" button next to each game and can download it immediately.

Of the more than 100 games promised for the official Apple Arcade debut, the 9to5Mac managed to test 6 in this early testing period that, like the platform itself, are still in the process of being built, with incomplete design and design and flaws here and there. Anyway, these are the six games explored by the team:

  • Way of the Turtle: It's a platform game that follows a sympathetic turtle as she navigates jumping and solving jigsaw puzzles.
  • Down in Bermuda: still finalizing, it's a point-and-click adventure at Yak & Co.
  • Sneaky Sasquatch: by RAC7, creator of Splitter Critters, a live action game that follows the title character on his quest to find food at a campground. It is one of the most complete games so far, with various stages, scenarios and non-playable characters.
  • Hot Lava: It puts players in mundane settings, such as classrooms, houses or parks, and forces them to flee the ground, completely covered in lava. developed by Klein Entertainment and has a beta version on Steam.
  • Kings of the Castle: Created by Kingpin Bowling's Frosty Pop, it features open-world mechanics in an action / adventure game where you have eight minutes to find gems and keys in varied scenarios.
  • Frogger in Toy Town: With Konami's brand, it updates the concepts of classic Frogger, to Atari, that is, basically you need to control a frog through various scenarios and escape obstacles.

It now remains to await an official announcement from Apple. Our chips are all staked on the day. September 10th, when (apparently) Ma introduces her new iPhones and can, of course, take a few minutes off the keynote to announce the official availability of the Apple Arcade. That would be great, wouldn't it?