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Ant Raid | AndroidPIT

We've seen a thousand types of strategy game environments: Middle Ages, other planets … But plunging into the tiny world of ants is something new. And as we are always tuned in the news, we decided to review this game, called Ant Raid. Want to know more? So keep reading our review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Note 2Android version: 4.1.2Root: NoMods: NoneAnt Raid comes with two game modes and when you start playing the first levels, realize that other features and options are unlocked as you play more. Everything that flies, crawls or glides is in play: snails, bees and even mutant insects. Enemy beetles have different strengths, which means you'll have to adapt to that to create effective strategies. For example, some enemy insects have the power to drug ants, making them sleepy or numb. This means that you will have to send the non-intoxicated little ants to pick up the non-active ones and bring them back to HQ and get woken up.

The fact that you will have service to help the ants all the time, because they will not be able to turn around on their own. Check the bar at the top of the screen: as you eliminate enough insects, you can activate a kill action together. You just need to drag them out of the play. But don't think that will be one of the easiest things to achieve.

There is also a blue bar for blue enemies. When it is full, the little ants will be invincible for a certain period of time. The red bar in turn makes the little ants faster. By completing levels, you earn stars. To check your in-game performance, simply direct your eyes to the top left of the screen.

It is also worth mentioning that survival mode can be activated once you have completed the first chapter of historical mode. And if you select to download additional data, you will be able to enjoy videos that turn the strategy game into a game worthy of console ones.

Conclusion:Ant Raid is an amazing game, easy to learn, but hard to master. The graphic of the game is one of the highlights of the app.

Screen & Controls

Ant Raid has excellent and beautifully designed graphics. The fact that all adds up to the gameplay of Ant Raid. And this also goes for the very good and intuitive controls. Let's say it's not so easy to start playing Ant Raid, but it won't take you long to understand how to handle the game. The better the game is explained as you play it.

Speed ??& Stability

Ant Raid runs very well: fast and stable.

Price / Performance Ratio

Having Ant Raid on your device will cost you only $ 0.70 or $ 1.91: a bargain for what you get from the game.