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Webcamoid a multiplatform app for your webcam

The use of webcams has become relatively common nowadays, whether coupled in a notebook or purchased separately, this type of device serves different audiences: ordinary users, youtubers, lecturers, among others.

However, the software offered by the manufacturers is not always Linux-based, and some users are unaware of solutions equivalent to the webcam manufacturer's standard program.

software-app-webcam-webcamoid-kde-appimage-linux-mac-windows Even though relatively simple set up a webcam on Linux, some extra features can enhance our experience while using such equipment, and fine adjustments like codec, bitrate, image settings, audio and video are interesting if you want more control. software-app-webcam-webcamoid-kde-appimage-linux-mac-windows In its Linux version, in addition to v4l2loopback, support for akvcamis a virtual camera driver for Linux, which is responsible for offering the same features available in Mac and Windows drivers, enabling persistent settings, emulation of camera controls (contrast, brightness, saturation, exposure, etc.).

Installing Webcamoid

In your official Github page, there are several application options for each operating system, for Linux I recommend the version on AppImage, as it is more practical and does not require installation.

Then download the application in this format.

  Download Webcamoid

After downloading the program, right-click, go to properties and check Allow file execution as a program, be sure to check if Access is read and write.


Webcamoid Features

The app is organized as follows: a kind of dock that plays the role of settings shortcuts, a side panel that optionally displays devices or effects, and on the right a panel with settings for these options.

The dock consists of 8 shortcuts, the first being a way to enable and disable the webcam.

The second shortcut lets you choose and configure devices by changing video format, resolution, FPS rate, etc.


There is also a possibility to set your desktop screen, to apply the other options of other shortcuts as effects, or even to take a screenshot.


Always after changing any option and before recording, either the screen or the webcam, click on the first shortcut, he is responsible for turning off and on, making the changes.


In the third shortcut there are the audio options, where you can change the format, channels and more.


The fourth shortcut lets you capture an image, even with a timer.


In the fifth shortcut options of codec, bitrate, audio and video formats, among others, besides the button to make the recording.


Next in the next option, more than 50 effects with adjustments are available, I spent a lot of time testing and playing with each filter.


In preference advanced settings will be available, giving greater freedom to those who are more hardcore.


I particularly enjoyed Webcamoid, I even had some ideas for OSystematic After focusing on its various effects, another thing that delighted me was the wealth of adjustments, if you own a webcam, I highly recommend this program.

And you already knew about Webcamoid? Leave comments on your experiences with the software, and other interesting applications are known.

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