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Watch the Galaxy S6 Edge destroy the iPhone 6 in this speed test

The samsung Galaxy S6 faster than the iPhone 6, and we already proved it here on the site. You may have already picked your favorite, but a new speed test by a YouTube channel has put the Galaxy S6 Edge against the iPhone 6 to show which one is the fastest in practice. Check out the details below.

samsung galaxy s6 edge front
Galaxy S6 d show in speed test. / ANDROIDPIT

The test was performed by the channel AndroidGamE, and although not numerically specific, it adds a very interesting view. During this test, the Galaxy S6 Edge and iPhone 6 are placed side by side while applications and games are loaded simultaneously. The test can show how fast the S6 Edge is in action and not just by numbers of benchmarks and technical specifications.

The S6 Edge is the leader in most applications until Real Racing 3 appears, where the iPhone advances about eight seconds. Check it out on the video below.

In addition to the new processing set, the Galaxy S6 Edge has a lighter TouchWiz and fewer native applications. Optimization in the software makes the battle fairer, in addition to details such as the absence of microSD card, similar item on both devices.

And which one is your favorite and did you find the test fair?

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