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TIM, MasterCard and CAIXA launch account for mobile payments

CAIXA, MasterCard and TIM have launched the TIM Multibank CAIXA service, which provides prepaid devices with a mobile payment platform. TIM customers who do not have a checking or savings account are the main target audience of the partnership.

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TIM stores will also market new service. / ANDROIDPIT
<h2>About the service</h2>
<p>MasterCard is responsible for the platform that provides payment through <em>smartphones</em>also by processing transactions and covering in physical stores and <em>online.</em> CAIXA is responsible for managing new accounts and providing financial services, while the strategy of <em>marketing </em>and marketing will be the responsibility of the operator TIM. According to TIM, users without bank or active savings account for 50% of its prepaid segment.</p><div class=

How does TIM Multibank CAIXA work?

TIM Multibank CAIXA is a current account linked to the user's prepaid line, which works using USSD technology and sending SMS messages. Messaging between the user and the free carrier, and no additional fees are charged for using the service.

Activation of the service is carried out by dialing the number * 321 # free of charge. With the service in place on your device, you can transfer money to other mobile accounts, purchase recharges from TIM, and pay invoices. The account balance entered by the customer through CAIXA lotteries and corresponding CAIXA Here. The user is free of account maintenance fees or charges for transfers, bill payments, recharges or consultations.

The payment in physical stores is initially made through a common magnetic card, which can be purchased for R $ 15 at TIM sales outlets, newsstands and authorized stores. Coming soon to Android app TIM Multibank, who carry out transactions and balance inquiries.

The service will be available initially in Curitiba (PR), Uberlndia (MG) and Natal (RN), later will be extended to other cities.

Users who expect to make one-touch purchases using NFC will have to wait a little longer.

And what did you think about TIM's initiative?

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