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TIM effect: I live banned for the justice of cutting internet after consumption of the franchise

TIM was summoned by an injunction issued by the Court of Justice of Santana, being required to suspend the current blockade that is made after the consumption of a customer's mobile internet franchise in the state of So Paulo. Likewise, Vivo was sued by a client from Santa Catarina, whose injunction was granted by a judge of the Frum Cvel de Joinville.

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Vivo is forbidden to cut internet second injunction in Santa Catarina. / Living Outreach

The information is from the site Optclean, who in conversation with lawyer Marcus Vinicius Bauer, obtained confirmation that his injunction was granted by Judge Augusto Cesar Allet Aguiar. The injunction in question was issued by the 1st Special Court of the Central Court of Joinville in Santa Catarina, and benefits the client in specific and throughout the state.

According to the content of the decision, the operator's compliance would result in a daily fine of R $ 50.00 (limited to R $ 10,000.00). According to Marcus Vinicius, the request was based on one of the provisions of the Consumer Rights Code, which provides that agreements already entered into between companies and their customers cannot be changed unilaterally or without notice.

The four main operators in the country (TIM, Vivo, Claro, Oi) are being questioned by PROCON of Rio de Janeiro about the new terms for cutting mobile internet consumption. Currently the user is notified of the consumption quota close to 60%, and upon reaching 100% the data is suspended until a new additional package is contracted. The previous practice did not block consumption, it only slowed down to about 256 kbps, which was enough for many users to use instant messaging applications.

Is this the first step for operators to suspend the block?

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