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Sony predicts cut in mobile division to contain losses

At a conference held today for its shareholders, Sony announced a cut in its mobile device division, aiming at an increase in its profit margin for the next three years. According to Hiroki Totoki, current leader in the smartphone division, the company intends to change its business strategy for more profits and fewer stakes.

sony xperia 1
Xperia line devices will be reduced in 2015. / ANDROIDPIT

At the end of the first fiscal quarter of 2014, the company will reveal more information about its new market strategy. But what was advanced today during the conference indicates that Sony is moving in the most coherent direction for at least four years. Hiroki states that the company will focus its efforts on the divisions responsible for the Playstation 4 and image sensors, as the Xperia line will have its output reduced to contain losses from model fragmentation. The company's focus for the mobile area is not to be more focused on gain under market share, but on putting on the market only what will be purchased by the consumer. I hope that after this change Sony learns from their own difficulties, as hearing feedback from their loyal users was not enough.

So, do the changes arrive here in Brazil?

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