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Selection of applications to enjoy the carnival

The most anticipated days of revelry of the year are. Carnival attracts crowds and a lot of excitement in all Brazilian states. Here are the tips with the best apps for plant folies who don't want to miss the carnival programs.

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Best apps to enjoy the four days of revelry. / AndroidPIT

Carnival Globeleza

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On your Android screen the news of carnival in the southeast and northeast. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>Specific for the regions of So Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Olinda. The service provides information on parades, blocks and shows, as well as a ranking of the best points in each city. Location services must be active so that the user can return all information.</p><div class=

The Globe: Carnival 2015

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The Rio newspaper also wants to help you at the carnival. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>The official app of the newspaper O Globo, the app provides information specific to the state of Rio de Janeiro. There are over 450 registered blocks and parades, including route information and sharing options between friends. One of the differentials of the service is the availability of real-time clearance after Carnival.</p>
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Carnival 2016 The Globe
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Street blocks? BlockDroid can help you. / ANDROIDPIT
<p>Also directed to Rio de Janeiro, the app allows you to locate only traditional street blocks. This does not include parades of groups, concerts and general events, only street blocks. The information is already embedded in the application, allowing access to the information even in the absence of data.</p>
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BlockDroid Street Blocks 2015
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Play Carnival

Google made a playlist with classics of the largest Brazilian party, and made them available for free. There are 6 songs in total that can take you right into the 90's or cheer up those who enjoy ax among other genres. You can access the playlist through this link.

So, which application will you enjoy the carnival with?

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