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Removing unused Android apps increases phone security

Learn how to find the least used apps on your Android to free up space and be more secure.

To keep your phone always working well, it is recommended to periodically maintain the device, which involves, of course, removing unnecessary files. This week, Twitter posted a blog post revealing that some Android apps are using the system's SDK to access personal data on the social network, installing a type of malware.

Twitter has so far stated that service accounts have not been tampered with to be controlled by others, but some data such as gender, username and email may have been exposed. While you still don't have a specific solution for those affected by the problem, anyone who wants to be careful can start cleaning up the little-used apps on their phone. Here's how to remove unused apps on Android.

How to remove underused apps on Android

Google's smartphone system does not require any extra applications to remove installed programs, but it's not always so easy to know what you are or are not using often. Thus, the Files application, developed by Google itself, can be a great ally at this time. Check out how to use it to remove these apps:

1. Go to Google Play and download the Google Files app;

2. Open the application normally and, according to its terms, tap ?Continue?;


3. Grant the permission necessary for them to have access to your files and under ?Free up more space? tap ?Continue?;

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4. In the message that pops up, tap ?Continue? one more time and grant the other permission needed so that he can review your apps;

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5. Back in ?Files Go?, tap ?Select and release? which is in the ?Apps you don't use? part. Then mark the items to be removed from the list and tap "Uninstall."


Ready! Now you know how to find and remove the least used apps that are installed on your Android.

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