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Pre-sale of new iPhones is far surpassing 2018 models

Our old friend, Ming Chi KuoThat's all: The analyst guesses on future versions of iPhones, and when they are released, brings all his estimates of sales and success (or failure) of the devices. His work, after all, and it couldn't be any different with Ma's new smartphones, which went pre-sale last Friday and will hit shelves next Friday in several countries.

In a note sent to investors and obtained by the MacRumors, Kuo estimated that the iPhone 11 represents 45% pre-orders for new smartphones from Ma. The most expensive models in the line (11 Pro and 11 Pro Max) represent the 55% remaining, but there is no information from the analyst about the internal division of popularity between them.

The news is hardly surprising since the iPhone 11, with its price (relatively) lower and good list of specs, promises to be a darling of the public just like the iPhone XR was last year. Still, Kuo recalled that the popularity of OLED models is higher than last year's; If you remember correctly, about a year ago, he himself estimated that the iPhones XS and XS Max would represent between 40% and 45% of presales of that line of iPhones.

This is the second note sent to investors by Kuo related to the popularity of the new iPhones. Last Sunday, the analyst said based on an estimate shipped on Apple's website that demand for new smartphones was higher than expected, with consumers particularly favoring the new green and purple colors of the iPhone 11, as well as the midnight green. of iPhones 11 Pro.

In the previous note, Kuo partially attributed consumer interest to the new monthly payment plan with trade-in Apple, also mentioning the lower price of the iPhone 11 as a factor of attraction. The analyst increased his forecast for iPhones sales in 2019 to 70-75 million units (previously the guess was 65-70 million).

Other sources

Other analysts, as well as sales sites around the world, have confirmed the hypothesis that the popularity of the new iPhones is far outpacing that of the 2018 models. Reuters brought some sources: the Chinese platform Small (from Alibaba), for example, registered an increase of 335% on initial sales of iPhone 11 over iPhone XR last year.

O ecommerce Chinese JD, in turn, stated that the pre-sale of the new models on the site was 480% bigger than its predecessors on the first day. The most popular iPhones out there so far are the midnight green iPhone 11 Pro and the black and purple iPhones 11.

Two analysis firms, Instinet (from Japanese bank Nomura) and Wedbush, supported conversations with people in the iPhones supply chain in China that the new models are in much higher demand than last year. That is, the initial prospects of the devices are really positive let's see if they keep their breath.

via 9to5Mac