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Nintendo announces release of Mario Kart Tour game for September 25

If you were already discredited (or remembered no more) than Nintendo would launch Mario Kart Tour for iOS, revive: Japanese gaming giant announced yesterday (26/8) on Twitter that the expected title will be officially launched on the day September 25th.

The news comes about a year and a half after Nintendo's official announcement of the game and just over three months after the beta testing began. Last February, the company announced that Mario Kart Tour would take a little longer than expected to reach app stores, but the game would be released between June and September this year.

Fasten your seat belts, because #MarioKartTour will be available on 9/25. Follow @mariokarttourEN for more information about the game's release.

Based on the descriptions of users who tested the title beta, the game uses the same control scheme as Super Mario Run. So players can only use one hand to control the kart as it accelerates on its own; By default, on-screen controls make karts move to the sides of the screen, but those looking for even more challenges can control them manually.

Already at launch, Mario Kart Tour is optimized for both iPhones and iPads, just as Super Mario Run. It is important to note (and remember) that iOS 13 adds support for certain third-party controls (such as Xbox One S and Xbox One). PlayStation 4), which certainly will be very interesting for those who play Mario Kart Tour.

IOS and Android users can now register to be notified on launch day through the App Store and Google Play, respectively.

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via 9to5Mac