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New Windows 10 1903 Update Allows Explorer Access to Linux Files

More capable Windows Explorer

In a blog post on February 15 (2019) by Craig Loewn, Project Manager for WSL, Microsoft made the announcement. In this post, Craig also talks about improvements in management and configuration of command line usage.

Accessing Linux files through Windows in the past could lead to file loss and data corruption, or less complete inaccessibility, which is now possible without these setbacks, Craig points out.

The implementation currently made by WSL

To access Linux files, just open your favorite distro and check if you are in the / home directory. With that just type the following command:


This allows you to access your files normally and perform normal tasks such as copying, pasting, dragging files to other locations. You can also use the VSCode menu in the WSL directory.

In the command line part, you can find the files with the following command:

\ wsl $

In the example below, Debian was used.

To check out the full post and with more information, you can access the following link.

There is still a question of Explorer's ability to be able to access real parties from a dual-boot Linux distro with Windows, but in theory, if there's this ability in Microsoft's system file manager inside WSL, make it work outside of it, reading at least the EXT4 file system seems a plausible step.

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