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Is Ubuntu a secure system?

Much is discussed about security these days, but is Ubuntu a reliable alternative?

It's not difficult to find users who discovered Linux through Ubuntu, being one of the most famous Linux distributions in the world, Canonical system synonymous with Linux For many users, not just ordinary users, including many IT professionals, though the security issue has come as a must, is Ubuntu a safe alternative? that's what we'll talk about next.


Linux distributions are a great way to protect yourself, or even get rid of certain common paradigms in the Windows world, such as toolbars, software that you don't even realize that they snuck into the system when installing another program, malware which are not always identified by antiviruses, the very "obligation" to have such a program to prevent system infection, among other things.

Note that like any operating system, Linux distros are subject to being infected with malicious software, if you want to know a little more about the topic, access the post that we covered in depth such issue. We recently posted about a miner virus that affected Linux servers, however when reading such news note that always are specific cases that take advantage of some loophole: a bug in some software, administrative user permission to perform the malware, and mostly overwhelming, upon error identification, an update with the released patch. Another interesting point is the system has its code open, giving greater freedom and allowing contributions, whether possible bugs and vulnerabilities found, as suggestions for performance and security improvement. Being a highly used system, such contributions come not only from community developers, but from companies that are interested in its security and stability. Most of these benefits are gained through the use of the Linux kernel in its composition with tech giants massively investing in its evolution.

Ubuntu a safe and globally used system

Ubuntu being a Linux distribution has all these advantages, with attractive features for users who value security, another interesting point that it has certification EAL2, one international standard (ISO / IEC IS 15408) recognized in 30 countries, members of CCRAis the global hub for the technology, marketing, accreditation and education industries. Without this certification operating systems are prevented from being implemented in financial institutions and organizations that manage confidential data, so we can see that Ubuntu is a great and secure alternative, owner of a globally recognized certification.

System and user acting together

Of course security is not one-sided, and the system user will have to do their part by avoiding software from unknown sources, regularly updating their system among other good practices, example of companies using Ubuntu And there is no doubt that, for the average user, he is safe and robust.

And do you use or have you used Ubuntu? Leave your comments on your experiences with the system, and if you have ever been infected with malicious software on Linux.

I wait for you here on the blog Diolinux, see you next time, and don't forget to share the ?Diolinux? projects SYSTEMATICALLY!

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