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Impea an application to keep sending notifications

Some applications, while quite useful, can annoy the user from too many notifications they send per day. If this is your case but you don't want to delete the app from your phone, know what to do:


1. On Android, open the settings in "Configure";


2. Select the "Notifications" option;


3. Choose the desired application and deactivate the corresponding options.


Under "Block all" you will not see any app notifications at any time. In "Show quietly" you will see notifications, but they will not emit sounds or vibrations. Under "Lock screen" you will see the full content of the notifications and under "Modify Do Not Disturb" notifications that are set to "Priority Only" will be displayed even with the Do Not Disturb mode enabled.


1. On iOS, go to "Settings" and click "Notifications";


2. Click on the application from which you would like to stop notifications and disable the options as desired;


3. You can disable all alerts or choose to receive them only in the Notification Center, without any sound or vibration, only on the locked screen or with a numeric indicator on the item.


If you want to delete all notifications, disable the first option.


That way you will no longer be bothered by useless notifications.

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