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How tough can the Galaxy S6 Edge screen be? [Vdeo]

Since I did the Galaxy S6 Edge reviewA question does not come out of my head: what if it falls to the ground, what happens? The answer comes from South Korea, in a video published this weekend, in which the device was thrown three times to the ground with the screen facing down. The result of the crash test of the Galaxy S6 Edge amazing!

samsung galaxy s6 edge mwc 04
How tough can the Galaxy S6 Edge screen be? / ANDROIDPIT

During the event unpacked Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung has guaranteed that the glass used in the manufacture of the device, which uses Gorilla Glass 4 technology, 50% stronger than the previous technology. Although Corning has announced the fourth generation of Gorilla Glass as super tough, we know that depending on the angle with which a smartphone falls to the ground it can break into a thousand pieces, an example of which was the crash test I did on Moto G and Moto. E. However, when watching the video below, I can say that Samsung executives were not playing air words when they reported that Gorilla Glass 4 is 50% stronger than Gorilla Glass 3. Check out the video below and get your own prints:

Still on the screen of the Galaxy S6 Edge, it dual-edge, ie has curved side edges. The display offers Quad HD (2560×1440) resolution, 577 ppi pixel density and 5.1 inches diagonal. The technology used in its construction is SuperAMOLED, which ensures color quality, especially black, and significant battery savings when the display is on. Considering that the screen of the Galaxy S6 has the same characteristics, except for the curved sides, we can say that the device must withstand the same test.

And in your opinion this test is true? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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